The Cabinet at its meeting on Wednesday decided to supply kits to enable home isolation as soon as people tested positive for corona virus. It was decided to keep in readiness 10 lakh kits, a release said.

The Cabinet also decided to empower Collectors to appoint health staff on temporary basis if there was shortage in government hospitals. As many as 10,000 beds equipped with oxygen will be kept ready in hospitals to meet the virus spread.

The government will act tough on hospitals which resorted to irregularities in treatment of COVID 19 patients. In addition to ₹100 crore already released to meet COVID expenditure, the Cabinet sanctioned a further ₹100 crore for the purpose. The fund will be released by Health department on a monthly basis.

The government will bear the expenditure on drugs, injections and food at private medical colleges which extended free service to virus patients.

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Mr. Rao asked the health authorities to ramp up corona tests to 40,000 a day. Lakhs of drugs, injections and personal protection equipment should be kept at the disposal of hospitals.

The discussion on corona, lasting nearly two-and-a-half hours, noted that the virus was on the decline in major cities across the world. The same was the situation in Hyderabad. The mortality rate was low and recovery high in Telangana. Therefore, there was no need for panic, the Cabinet appealed to public. People need not rush to private hospitals for treatment as it was available in ample measure in governement hospitals.

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